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ComCorp Limited was established in early 2017 with the direct purpose of conducting business within the United Kingdom. 

ComCorp’s conception forms part of the ever-evolving growth path of The RIT Group, which originated from the Rennies Group of Companies in 1979. RIT started operations as an independent petroleum trading company and since has branched out to trade in a variety of commodities, specifically in the energy sector, petrochemicals and the food industry all predominately within Southern Africa. ComCorp shares a close business relationship with The RIT Group, as a key representative in the United Kingdom and European markets. 

ComCorp lives by the core values of building relationships based on mutual respect and sound ethical business principles. These values ensure a sustained and prosperous business growth for the company. 

Now with a firm presence in the United Kingdom and European markets, ComCorp will look to further expand its footprint in actively trading both soft and hard commodities to the region and further seeking out sound investment opportunities.

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